Season’s Greetings

After Thanksgiving, I kind of just fell of the face of the earth (as I always do, really) to study for my finals and get my life together. ha. ha. ha. But you know, time is always ticking so it’s always better to be productive with that time rather than not.. and now that I have only ONE more final to take, I’ll soon finally be freeeeee and done with my last semester on campus.


And before I know it, it will also be Christmas, New Years and time for me to leave for Italy.


I honestly can not wrap my head around how fast time goes by, like I’ve probably mentioned x 100 in past posts. I mean, look, it’s already December!!! and Christmas is in, what, 2 weeks?! Not that I’m complaining actually, I LOVE December and I consider this entire month Christmas hehe. It  has to be one of my favorite times of the year. All the decorations, festivities, celebrating done with family and friends, really makes my heart warm and happy ❤

The dressing up part, taking pictures with Christmas trees & stuff is pretty fun too ;p

Below are a series of photos taken yesterday at my mother’s holiday party (I apologize for the bad quality; this is the best my iphone 5 could do haha)

img_2990Outfit: Dillard’s dress | Antonio Melani pumps | Forever 21 earrings
img_2961It is so hard for me to take a serious picture like it literally took me 10 tries to finally be serious, and then I gave up and just settled for this picture. 😂
img_2988Don’t tell anyone but that yellow ornament fell (I honestly don’t know how I barely touched it!!) but because there’s a God it DIDN’T BREAK. then I frantically put it back on quickly without anyone noticing! I think..
img_2989I thought it’d be fun to take a picture holding an ornament like this, and turns out my parents really like this picture of me. I’m serious, I think they want it framed.


You know, taking pictures in front of a bunch people is always so awkward, hard & embarrassing HAHAH. Especially in a setting like this where all of my mother’s co-workers were just standing around – like I just wanted some pictures without people staring at me lmao. But you really can’t avoid that if you want good pictures, so you do what you gotta do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, to all my lovely readers I want to extend a special – I love you to you all and warm wishes for this holiday season!! I was trying to create a Christmas card for y’all but it didn’t turn out well haha.. maybe I’ll try making it again soon when I’m done with this last final.

Until next time! ❤

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